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Auto Detailing Trends of 2022

As 2021 comes to a close and we welcome 2022, what can professional detailers expect from the new year?

Optimistic Growth


The market of Car Wash & Auto Detailing in 2021 came in at $13.1 billion with a growth of 9.4% despite the pandemic. Overall, the market increased faster than other industries in the service sector. This may be due to the previous pandemic years forcing families and individuals alike to seek entertainment where they could, many taking long drives to get out of the home.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, the auto detailing industry was one of the few that continued with a relatively optimistic growth rate, with a considerable anticipated rise through the forecast period ending in 2027.

Cleaning, Waxing & Repainting

Design Trends

Detailing can include cleaning, waxing, and repainting your vehicle. With more vehicles on the road than any other year, some find it important to stand out and show their personality in the designs of their cars.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to color customization. There are ways to change familiar color compositions without choosing bright colors that have subtle color gradients or sparkle behavior with metallic elements, using shades that are light, reflective, and structure the surface of the vehicle. North America’s auto detailing color trends include balanced shades anchored in optimism and resilience. Natural and synthetic colors meet to create calming, unwavering, and thought-provoking colors.

If inspiration strikes you, look to Asian pacific auto trends. Out of uniformity of the past comes flexibility and freedom in design through light, clean shades that evoke the look of spring and hope for the future, something that everyone in the world needs in the new year!

Whatever your needs, Simon’s Auto Detailing is ready to cater to your external and internal detailing needs. We follow the newest auto detailing trends and technology to guarantee you’ll be pleased with our services. Our prices are unbeatable!

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