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Why Detail Your Car?

Washing your car isn’t always enough to get it back to pristine condition. In some cases, you may end up doing more damage to the paint by washing it at the local car wash. Detailing your car isn’t just for those who want crazy paint, vinyl, and decals to show it off at car shows. It’s a safe way to make sure the interior and exterior stay in excellent condition no matter what age your car is.

Why should you detail your car?

Car Cleaners

Debris builds up in and on our vehicles every single day. It’s worse right now because of all the rock salt all over the roads. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, washing your vehicle yourself could damage the paint with swirling marks or even some paint chipping, especially if the paint doesn’t have the proper protection. For the best protection, you should get your vehicle detailed about twice a year.

This will help wash off any grime from the previous seasons and get the car ready for the season up ahead. We have the tools to keep your vehicle looking brand new no matter what age it is.

What does detailing consist of?

Interior & Exterior

  • Exterior Detailing consists of washing and shining the outside of your vehicle. It removes bugs and tar; it cleans the door jams, tires, and wheel wells. Detailing will also clean essential parts like the motor. In the end, a finishing polish will be added to the surface to protect the paint and to give it the shine your car deserves.
  • Interior Detailing gives parts like your seats and floorboards a new lease on life. Seats and carpets are thoroughly shampooed, conditioned, and dried. We can handle leather seats with ease too! Every panel is wiped down and cleaned along with the vents, trunk, and everything in between.

  • You can choose either exterior or interior detailing depending on what your vehicle needs or you can have a combination of both. If you only select interior, the surface of your vehicle will still have a basic wash.

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