Of all the areas of your vehicle, the exterior gets the most damage; especially from day-to-day use. Whether it be harsh UV rays from the sun, various road debris scuffing your paint, damage from weather, or more, it can make an impact on the paint job for your car. No matter what you do, your car is going to have a few battle scars from its everyday adventures. That’s where Simon’s Auto can help you correct those minor flaws in your exterior coat!

What is Paint Correction?

Getting a paint correction is a way to take off the first layer or two of paint where the scratches and micro-marring (seeing swirls on the paint) will be present. Typically a vehicle has about 5 layers of paint and primer. Paint correction will thin out how much paint is on your vehicle which is why it should be trusted to professionals.

gray car wax job before/after

Should You Get It Done?

Mini Coop

Paint correction is a cosmetic issue so it doesn’t affect the performance of your vehicle, but it needs to be done to maintain the shine and keep your vehicle looking brand new.

When should you get it done?

The best time to really focus on the exterior of your vehicle is before sale. It can even add value to your vehicle. Otherwise, you can get the paint of your car touched up for your own individual reasons.

Before Ceramic Coatings:

You should also consider a paint correction if you want to get a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle. It will give the coating a fresh surface to work with, and the coating can give an extra layer of protection, making that paint correction last a long time.

Scion after detailing

Keep in mind that paint correction is an involved process and can take some time to complete. Contact Simon’s Auto Detailing today to get all the details!

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