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Summer Auto Detailing


Summer Auto Detailing

For many people, interior deep cleaning your car is a time-consuming, weather-dependent chore no one wants to do. Exterior cleaning requires specialized tools and products, experience, and a keen eye. That’s why you should trust your summer auto detailing to the experts at Simon’s Auto Detailing!

Summer is the best time of year for auto detailing due to more sunlight hours. When detailing your automobile in any season, it’s important to consider the season that the vehicle will be exposed to in order to ensure maximum protection. In summer, prepare your vehicles for the warm temperatures and the sun’s damaging UV rays. Your paint job will suffer if you don’t have a fresh coat of wax to prevent fading colors. Fresh wax also helps make bug and tar removal easier. When summer auto detailing your car’s interior, materials should be dressed with a product that includes UV inhibitors to prevent the sun from prematurely fading and cracking the surfaces. Even your wheels should be waxed to prevent brake dust from your brake pads!

Extra Layer of Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating has been one of the most popular vehicle care options to hit the market in recent years due to its long-lasting protection and glossy appearance. Ceramic coating is made of liquid polymers that create and protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle. They chemically bond to factory paint or leather seats, creating an impervious layer when applied by hand to the surface, making it an ideal choice for both internal and external summer auto detailing. Unlike Paint Protection Film, which provides more comprehensive protection for car surfaces, a ceramic car coating offers a premium wax alternative. Overall, the ceramic coating helps keep your car clean for longer without the constant need for waxing, transforms your leather interiors, and helps keep your car looking great during the high-UV, high-heat summer days!

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