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Why Should You Get Your Car Detailed This Spring?

Clean & Fresh in the Cool Spring Air

Taking Out Your Car

The weather is finally warm enough and that means motorcycles and hot rods alike are coming out from their garages to show off some style. You take great care of your car, so why should you get it detailed?

Proper winter car storage is essential to extend the life of the vehicle, avoid repairs, and be better prepared for seasonal driving in spring. However, not everyone has the luxury of an insulated, elevator garage; most settle for a sheet cover in street-side parking. Pests, road salt, expanding and compressing air in tires, and a dead battery can all ruin your plans now that the snow has thawed. While mostly cosmetic, interior detailing is a great way to have your car smell as fresh as the cool spring air.

Strong & Durable Coatings

Protect Your Ride

Even with a car cover, you’re not guaranteed peace of mind. During the colder months of winter and the wetter months of spring, your car is at risk for rust, dings, and scratches. Spring storms throw debris around, creating a risk for your paint job while the possibility of hail scratching your car can create an opening for rust to thrive. At Simon’s Auto Detailing, we offer express detailing for small imperfections as well as full detailing with paint correction, waxing, and more. We also use Ceramic Pro coatings that are strong and durable, resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, harsh weather conditions, and corrosion!

Lehigh Valley

Spring Car Show Season!

The Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas love their car shows and now is your opportunity to show off your brand new car. An interior and exterior detailing package will let people admire your ride inside and out without the worry of a beautiful outside and a gym locker smell on the inside. Some of our best clients are frequent visitors to car shows in the area such as Dairy Queen Cruise Nights, Cars N’ Caffeine Cruise at the Lehigh Valley Mall, the Hanoverville Roadhouse Car, Truck, and Bike show, and many others.

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